Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saks Gave Me the Sh***

I did a noble thing for you today, Internet. I decided to rescind my post on diarrhea. Consider yourself spared for the time being.

I also wanted to tell you that me and Crazy Talkative Anti-American French Lady have made up and we now have certain boundaries at work that allow us to live peaceably with each other. Namely, everything she says is fair game for me to instantly disagree with and argue persistently until she throws in the towel or decides to jump out the window herself. Coincidentally, she's been interrupting me far less frequently than she used to. Huh...?

At first I was weary of her new found attraction to me because I'm 99.72%positive it's because now she can talk to me about the baby. And that stinks of Middle School Attempt at Achieving Popularity Through Association to Popularity, which I am totally against, have been my whole life. But in the interest of keeping the peace, I've decided to let her trip all over herself telling me over and over and I'm not kidding over again about her one child and all the things associated with that pregnancy and birth experience. However, never one to pass up an opportunity to trash talk America and make out with French Culture, she shares with me all of the reasons why she's glad she had her son in France and not in bleh-America-bleh.

Soon, I feel I will be tired of keeping the peace. As in like tomorrow soon. Then we will resort to the awkward and stuffy relationship that existed pre-pregnancy announcement in our 2 foot by 2 foot cell (read: office). Ahhh well. Just like my Pappy used to tell me, good things weren't meant to last...*

*Sike, I made that up.

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