Friday, March 28, 2008

In Under the Wire

Do you know what I love, Internet? I absolutely LOVE when I get a brand spanking new shit-ton of work handed to me at 2:46pm on Friday afternoon. Doesn't that sound fun? Are you kinda jealous of me now? It's okay.

So before I bury myself up to my bazoongas in this project, I figured I should sit right down here and write you a little love note. Em kay?

G-man and I returned from Key West, F to the LA on Wednesday and what a lovely time we had. The first hotel was beautiful and came complete with a free, all you can eat breakfast buffet, can we say yes mam to the Make Your Own Waffle Station? Yes Mam! We rented a little Corolla in the morning to drive down US-1 to Key West, which according to Mapquest should have taken us 3hrs 29minutes, but in reality-land, where everyone besides Mapquest techies live, it took us close to 5 hours. But who cared? It was beautiful scenery and the water is 324 shades of blue down there, throw in the fact that my eye lubricating water didn't freeze when I stuck my head out of the window like it would have done in seconds had we been in New York, and I was a pretty happy camper. Our second hotel, which may or may not have been called the Holiday Inn Key West, was a near disaster zone, complete with the screaming nighttime neighbor ritual that consisted of her accusing him of shoving her down and him accusing her of falling because she was so drunk, etc etc. But for $183/night, it was still the cheapest hotel on the island and I was willing to make some allowances.

We ate t.o.n.s. of seafood and layered it with pieces of Key Lime pie and Key Lime ice cream - which can make anybody's day 10 times better. I wasn't aware that March in Key West is the Midwest Vacation Mecca of the US and every other license plate was from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, or Minnesota. While comforting to be amongst some of my own kind, I suspected come Easter morning there was going to be a shortage of hosts at the altar and no where to sit at St. Mary Star of the Sea. I totally hit the nail on the proverbial head. People, I have never seen so many sunburnt Catholic vacationers in my entire 27 years. There must have been a thousand or more. They were multiplying like loaves and fishes up in that piece. But the tears in the priest's eyes during his homily was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Hunter behaved himself at the kennel while we were away, thank the sweet Lord. He also had a love affair with my friend Stacey, which I am more than happy to indulge, considering it may give me a way out of this city now again. Although, listening to Stace tell stories about what the two of them did while we were away kinda makes me jealous that I didn't get to join in the fun. You just can't win, can you?

Baby update: The Fetus with the Mostest is running circles around my abdomen by day and night. I think the fact that I crave sleep more than any human being alive, or gone, has destined me to give birth to a child who will never shut it's eyes. This is a slightly devastating possibility that I will refrain from acknowledging until absolutely necessary. I'm gaining pounds by the milisecond, and now the maternity pants I bought, maternity, don't fit anymore. But I'm joyously forging where ever my appetite takes me because I can, mostly. And I promise, one of these days I'm totally going to break out that Yoga dvd again... Totally.

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