Monday, February 26, 2007

Marathons are for Music

Saw an incredible Jazz concert at Lincoln Center on Saturday. It was a truly unique spin on the regular show by having backdrops of Picasso, Monet, Pollock, Matisse, Van Gogh, and Dali scrolling, with permission from MOMA, set to music written by Ted Nash. I loved every minute of it! My fav's were Dali and Matisse.

I won't pretend to know very much of anything about art. As a matter of fact, I don't really tend to enjoy Modern Art period. But I left this concert feeling like I knew more about the artists by listening to their Jazz accompaniment. (Is that even a word?) You know what I mean. Counterpart then. I am convinced Mr. Nash is brilliant and people will talk about him for years and years. At least I hope they will, and when they do, I'll say, "Hey, I went to an amazing concert of his!" Because that's really cool.

On another note, I ran in the Al Gordon Snowflake 4M on Saturday and let me tell you, 4 miles is a LONG WAY away from the start line. Too long. But I did feel really good afterwards, after the nausea left and I could move my legs again, that is. Isn't the name funny? Al Gordon. Like you're saying it and thinking, 'am I saying Al Gore?' But you're not. You clip it off with the -don.

And so then I'm thinking, who in their right mind would run 22 more miles after this amount of running at one time? I think we should just be glad that the guy from Greece did it the one time, and move on. I mean give him some respect, he died for crying out loud after he finished! Nothing like millions of people repeating his run over and over only to be perfectly healthy and congratulated afterward, for him to feel truly appreciated. Thanks a lot, too bad you're dead!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Why Rent when you could Buy?

Internet, guess who I sat next to at Whole Foods while I was eating lunch today?
Well, it wasn't exactly next to, but across the table with his back facing me... Close enough.
Give up?!

Christopher J. Hanke that's who.
As in 'MARK' of the most famously fabulous 'RENT', you might have heard of it? As in my favoritest favorite musical of all time. As in this guy.

Well. I love this city.

Because I'm Married

A public service announcement...

I have come to the realization over the past year and a half since I got married to the love of my life (and I'm not just saying that to get a nice present, although a nice present would be very nice). The realization is this: Single People are critical of Married People for being Married. I feel like pointing this out because the common misconception is that Married People hate Single People for their wild and crazy, uninhibited, exciting, drunken lives, but in reality this is false! I do all of those things and I'm married. Now, I just have someone that has to witness all of my wild and craziness, is embarrassed by my uninhibitedness, takes part in my excitedness, contributes to my drunkenness, and still wears his wedding ring the next day.

I'm not saying that I think every person should be married. On the contrary, some would be quite miserable and fail exceeding well at it. I just don't think the Single People should wage war on the Married People. Appreciate their marriedness, like the growth of a new appendage. Wouldn't you like to have a friend with three arms to lend a hand when you need one? Or a friend with an extra leg to kick someone in the ass if you need them to? I would.

*Addendum: I am aware that there are certain married types who are dropped into a cavernous abyss black hole when they get married and therefore their single friends are sad. But, we are not all this type of Married People. Thank you and have a superific day.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Like working in a Full Blown Sauna

Let me tell you about the heat in my work space. It's unnatural. 365 days a year it is skin blistering, perspiration gathering, all-around wretchedly HOT in my tiny little office. It may be 7 degrees outside, as it is right now, but have no fear, it is close to 80,000 degrees in here. My office may be single-handedly contributing to the green house gases of the global warming disaster. And I can't do anything about it! The gnomes that live in the aquaducts of this building have disabled my thermostat to see at what temperatures humans actually begin to boil. So, if you were ever curious about that question too, I will gladly blog you my boiling temperature as soon as that happens, which will not be too long now... I can feel something tingly...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I snowboard.

I've just discovered that I love snowboarding.
I'm not sure why I'm bragging about the enjoyment I experienced while falling down a mountain about a dozen times or more over the weekend, as I'm pretty sure it might boarder closely on psychosis.
For a recap: There is the strong possibility that my entire spine is littered with stress fractures waiting to break at any moment. I can no longer feel my butt as a part of the rest of my body. I cannot make fists with either hand, or turn my head side to side.
Thanks to the lovely folks at Sunday River, ME - Eben and Casey, for their assistance with my partial paralysis. Mission Accomplished!
But even after my legs were so tired I couldn't even stand, and my brain had systematically shut off my pain receptors, I still enjoyed it. So haha (!) Lower Lazy River Trail. Maybe I did fall off the chair lift every single time except two, so what? I came back for more, didn't I?
I also got in a rider vs skier who-is-tougher fight with my husb after my first day ever on a board, so I'm pretty sure that and the list of physical ailments qualify me for initiation into the club.

FYI 1: I realized that wearing all the appropriate gear while snowboarding for the first time works to your disadvantage. All that I accomplished was leading others to the painful misconception that I knew what I was doing. No, lord, no. That's probably the last thing that went through those two skiers minds before my board hit them full force in the face...

FYI 2: Skiing sucks.