Thursday, January 17, 2013

We're On, We're Off, Who Cares?

Well, this is embarrassing.  How long has it been?  I can't even use the brain cells to find out but just know I've been thinking about you and that message you wrote on my dorm room dry erase board that night you were totally hammered...

So I broke my kneecap in a broadway theater last night.  Long story.  Actually, it's not.

I keep using weird sayings like, "geeked", these days.  Does that mean I'm old?

Another question about being old, at least 14 new social media websites have launched that I have no idea how to participate in.  That's totally normal and young-sounding right?

My new hobby is hashtagging my text messages but I refuse to Tweet.  #sodon'tevenask

The kids are awesome and make me laugh so much harder than any Friends episode ever did.  THERE I GO AGAIN!  Sounding old!  And now I'm YELLING!  Which is also OLD!

I just decided the theme of this post.  Oldness.

Let me see if I can find a pic...  I did!
Caption: We're at an Indoor Waterpark and it's so awesome we're sitting in our hotel room watching Dora!