Friday, March 21, 2008

Dear Carrot Top Muffin,

Hi Lover, how are you today? I'm great now that I have you. You know that feeling when it's Friday and everyone and their mom is off of work because it's a Catholic holiday and yes, people of New York actually celebrate this as a non-work day even though they all trash talk Catholicism like it's the devil. Well, I guess it's not the devil when it gives you the day off, huh? Where are you know Civil Liberty Nazi's? Sorry, morning rant now over. Anyways - everyone and their moms are off work but you sorry b*s*a*d have to go to work? Yeah, I know that feeling too and even though I was totally having that feeling 20 seconds ago, now I'm not and it's because of you, Carrot Top Muffin. You turned my whole day around and I salute you. And as if that weren't enough, you just came out of the oven and you're still warm... I cannot even express my affection for you now. It's too much. (sigh)

Also, Hot Chocolate Made with Real Milk, you're not so bad yourself.

See? It doesn't take a lot in life to make a girl happy. Just some carrots and some raisins and some Cinnamon and add a dash of cocoa. I'm totally ready to take on whatever today has to cram down my throat, teeth and all.

Thank you, Carrot Top Muf and Hot Cocoa Sidekick (to the theme of the Budweiser commercial), I salute you.

Your Benevolent Consumer

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