Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Know What I'm Doing?

I'm sure as hell not going to Hawaii on a free trip this week because of the kumquat/squash/perpetually rolling ball encased inside my uterus currently. Now, don't get me wrong and P.S. your panties are starting to bunch, we totally would rather have a brand spanking new healthy baby boy than go on vacation for a week, for free, anywhere in the world, but can you agree that it kind of hints at blowing? Not to mention that I just heard a woman who had her baby last week is taking it's 11 day old self all the way across God's green earth to make sure she attends the conference in Hawaii. Talk about insanity. And she's a doctor no less. But who am I to criticize? I drag my poor fetus through the slums of New York City's worst hell hole for hours every day commuting back and forth to work. I'm pretty sure that ranks high on the "Best Gestation Environment Ever" list.

In other news, everything is going well with the baby so far. We still have not arrived at a name yet, though we're drawing closer to narrowing it down to any male names that are no more than 2 syllables - thank you, G. I keep forgetting to take this glucose tolerance test that is supposed to be done in the next two weeks - mainly because they told me I can't eat anything sweet at least an hour before the test and it's rare for me to go an hour abiding by this rule. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, do you care what I had for lunch today? Because I just burnt the hell out of my tongue on clam chowder and boy does it feel nice. I'm running out of things to eat for lunch around here that will satisfy my meager attempts at eating healthy, well-balanced meals for the fetus. In the past two weeks I've had cheese pizza, a grilled cheese, clam chowder, a spicy chicken sandwich a la Wendy, fries, cheese pizza, spaghetti with cheese melted on it, and veggie pizza. Before that I was packing my lunch every day and avoided consuming so much freaking cheese. Now, there are no groceries in my frig and until my husband cries uncle and orders them himself, I'm stuck with the cheese diet. Cheese. Say it. You really want to go to the frig right now to see what kind of cheese snack options you have. It's okay, you can, you're a grown up.

I'm off to fill my water bottle. AGAIN.

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