Thursday, April 3, 2008

Key West Part Deux

And some more pictures from our Key West vac-I-must-escape-the-city-before-I-behead-someone-ation. Witness: the Roosters.
I don't know what in the Sam hell they're doing down there, but the Roosters are taking over the island. This one in particular likes to chill next to his motorcycle outside of the Cuban Cigar shop, chatting it up with the yocals. We spent several days admiring the Roosters before I finally realized something strange, there were no Hens. A few days went by before we had our answer why. What follows is a detailed eyewitness account of IHP (Insane Hen Phenomena).

Jogger Guy: I finally found out where all the Hens are.
Lazy Wife: AH! Where?! I need to find a Hen, for my own sanity.

Jogger Guy: Okay, so I'm running down the sidewalk next to the 4 lane road out there and just as I near an intersection, I notice off to my left side a Hen sitting on a 6 foot fence. Just as I'm passing it, a car flies by on the lane farthest from me and the Hen, I'm not shitting you, flies off the fence and beelines it directly into the side of the passing car, nailing it in the gas tank. The dude in the car slows down and is craning all around trying to figure out what in the hell just happened. The Hen shakes a bit and continues on her merry way across the street.
Lazy Wife: (Mouth agape.) Wha? Are you kidding?

Jogger Guy: No. And it gets better. So I ran a while down the path and then turned back towards the hotel. Just as I reached the site of the earlier incident, I saw the Hen again. And sure enough, a car was approaching in the opposite lane. Right before the car got to the Hen, she ran across the street and was hit by the bumper of the car.
Lazy Wife: This is the most interesting story I've ever heard.

Jogger Guy: She was okay though, she just got up and walked back to the other side of the street.
Lazy Wife: They should post a sign there: SLOW DOWN! KAMIKAZE HENS IN THE AREA!

We had a great dinner across the street from our hotel, Beach Side Resort, I think? Supposedly, the chef is some famous guy from Miami. The food was amazing, and the service was great. But the restaurant was empty and the staff were all standing around with nothing to do. Me thinks Mr. Miami overestimated the demand for a high end restaurant here.
These are my feet. In a wave. On the Beach. I took about a hundred photos there.
This is me looking like a big dork on the Danger Tours Kayaking and Snorkeling trip we took. The ship was beautiful though.
I decided to stay in the boat with the food while G took to some freezing cold snorkeling. The water was clear for 6 or 7 feet, awesome.

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