Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apartment Saga Update

We may have found the one, my friends. And wait until you see it! Your socks will be off faster than Pamela Anderson's panties at a Def Leopard concert. I say 'may' because we are in the rent negotiation stage of the courtship and if Mommy doesn't get what she wants, ain't nobody happy. So after I've spent the last week buttering up the poor suckers who are soon to be our landlords, G comes in at the last second and goes straight for the jugular with our rent proposal. They never even see what hit them. It's beautiful and if it were to someday become an Olympic Event, I'd be carrying the torch to Athens. Or where ever they take it. You know.

If everything goes well, I'll post some pics after the weekend, because you have got to see the kitchen and the 'nursery' and the tile and the hardwood flooring. It makes me want to rip my clothes off and rub my huge belly all over it. It's also giving me incentive to pack the butt loads of crap we currently own into a million tiny boxes to get us out of our Cockroach Den and into the Riverdale Garden of Eden. Did I mention it has two terraces? Two? One in the front and one in back? Talk about sealing the deal. I can sit on my terrace in my underwear and stare at the neighbors now. Try and keep me away from that apartment. Try. See? You can't.

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Teresa said...

*Note: Was just informed that Pam Anderson was married to a member of Motley Crew, not Def Leopard. I ask you this, are you sayin she wouldn't drop'em for Def? I hardly think that's a solid arguement.