Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Not You, It's Me

I need something new. Spring is coming, winter is finally shuddering it's last ugly breath, and I am ready to start cleaning house! Hitherforetoafter, I am going to redesign the webpage. Well, not redesign in the sense that you'd need some sort of design ability, just change the pictures and colors a bit and easy stuff like that.

My other Springtime Resolution is to add more pictures to the site. I was always a picture book kinda gal, and things haven't changed all that much. Plus, some things that have been going on lately need to be shown to you instead of described. (i.e. the large growth on my stomach and the awesomely cute things my amazing friends and family keep giving me.)

So fear not! The weather it is a'changin' and bringing new pretty web pictures with it. Weeeeee! Can you feel it? No, not that. The wind, Sicko.

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