Monday, May 5, 2008

The Vessel Speaketh

The pants, they are too tight:
My pants, my maternity pants, are too tight. PS. I'm only 26 weeks. What are these last 14 weeks filled with? Surely, I am not going to acquire any more room in my belly for growth to occur. So where is it going to come from? And how do I get more of it in a hurry? Freaking pants.

We're successfully packing our crap up in boxes and you can sort of see how progress is being made. That is if you call progress the pile of packing supplies laying in the dining room while G and I walk up and down the Court Street Fair shoving our faces with Italian sausage and deep fried oreos*. Yes, that is progress.

*And I have no idea why my pants are too tight, thank you very much.

I'm getting more psyched about our move now that I realize there will be places to eat and go out up in Riverdale, thanks to some girls I work with who are living up there currently and love it. I just hope I can trust their judgement, they are all kind of skinny...

I admit I need to post more pics. I'll do so tonight. Maybe another one of the pants fitting problem, and some of my friends, and possibly the current state of upheaval that our apartment is in. I will also try to show you important people that I mention on the site so you can put a face with a name.

Next week is G's birthday. The big 28. Wow. Old. I can't wait to start using his motorized wheelchair and Golden Buckeye card. I have to think of something fun to do for this event and considering my extra curricular activities as of late have consisted of A. A bowl of ice cream and B. Reading my book, I am open to suggestions. We're going to the Bohemian Beer Garden on Saturday for a joint Bday celebration for my good friend Caitlin(should be inserting picture here) and G. The last time we were there for the same event two years ago was fanfreakingtastic, so this one shouldn't disappoint. Must post pics after weekend.

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