Monday, February 4, 2008

Caught Up

Over the weekend friends and myself played America's favorite pasttime - Catch Phrase. I cannot begin to tell you how deeply and affectionately I care for this electric disk of fun-ability. Rarely has there been a time when I have not narrowly escaped suffocation for laughing so hard at this game and/or the contestants.

Such was the story Saturday night: witness some of the finer points.

* Uhhhhh, (I don't know why but every single person who has ever played this game starts out the exact same way.) Not your leg but your ___? [Arm!] Yes! Only not the navy but the ____? [Army!] Yes!! Second word, oxymoron? Oxymoron! [??] You know! Army blank! The oxymoron?! Buzzzzzzzzzzzz! [Um, that's a dumb clue.] Well, I guess it just travels in some circles and not others.

* Oh, oh, oh! The first song I learned to play on my trumpet!
[You played the trumpet?! When? When did you play the trumpet?]

* Not King Kong but ____? [Donkey Kong!!] No.

* Oh jeez, three words! First word, the thing you walk through to get to the bedroom or bathroom? [Hall!] Yes! Okay, last word, this is a pyramid, in Egypt, I think? Um, it was a dead pharoah or something? [The mummy?] No. Um, like in Mexico where the pyramids are? [???] Ooh, ohh! He had a revenge?! [The Mummy!] No!!! Agh!

(Answer: Halls of Montezuma - now who in their right mind would get that? Okay, maybe I should have said travelers diahhrea, but I didn't think of that, jeez.]

Also, it should be mentioned that the girls beat the guys a whopping 5 games to 1. Never before has such schooling been done by the women to the men. It was beautiful.

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