Friday, August 31, 2007

Random News Friday

I'm riding pretty high today due to two wonderful events:
1. I got my new cell phone battery FINALLY. (Yes, no more "Hi-nu-uh-shut-up-gotta-go-just-text-me" calls to my friends, compliments of EBay.)
2. I'm going home to Columbus tomorrow to see the Crazies, I mean... The family. (Double yes, and I get to meet Logan, my new nephew, for the first time.)

So I'm basically rocking on with my bad self right now, watching the minute hand on my computer's digital clock tick by.

Also: My dog got attacked on our walk home from the craft store last night by some giant, snarling, brown beast that tried to eat us. That was pretty not cool. I finally got the beast in a choke hold while simultaneously elbow dropping his owner, just in time to see Hunter limping around on his right front leg. I admit I am extremely embarrassingly attached to my dog, but for real? Playing ball with your dumb dog off his leash, in the street, at 6 o'clock on a weeknight is not exactly advisable - Dipwad. Dipwad gave me her phone number and address and told me how sorry she was all of one time. Then she said, "They just scared each other, I think. Hehehe." WTF? No, I refuse you, Dipwad, you have been refused forever and ever, Amen. Now go play in the street, just leave your dog inside.
Sidebar: Hunter is okay, he's a tough dude. You know, raised on the inner city streets and all.

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