Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning Java People

I think this society would function so much happier if everyone were as nice as the people at my morning coffee station. I swear, they are the hap hap happiest people this side of the nuthouse and they leave every customer with a smile in the morning. Maybe it's because they realize they are dealing in a product that signifies a daily cocaine dose to most people (ie Me), or maybe it's just because they like their jobs. It is such an endearing moment when they ask how I'm doing and what's new. Crumbles my black little soul. Now pass me the needle.

I've also brought this up to Mr. G who is equally enamored with his Coffee Cart Guy. His CCG knows when he's running late and will often tell him to "get a move on!". He always has his coffee hot and fixed just the way he likes it every morning, without fail. It's almost as if CCG is there specifically to sell only Mr. G his coffee and if that doesn't happen, the universe will totally be screwed up the rest of the day. (Quite possibly.)

These are situations that were completely foreign to both of us prior to moving to the Big City. In the Midwest, you never bump into people on your daily commute, the same person never serves you coffee two days in a row, and conversations with strangers are completely avoided if at all possible. Whereas here, I kinda feel like we're all a bunch of neighbors. Isn't NY funny that way? And don't even get me started about Brooklyn. It's too early to tear up on a Thursday, and I just put my mascara on.

Note: I rarely feel this positive about the city so I thought I better go with it today.