Friday, November 2, 2007

We All Need A Little More Trudi

Hey, what did you do today Internet? Really? No! Want to know what I did? Yes? Okay, I'll tell you. I went to a live taping of Regis and Kelly at ABC studios this morning. Sweet, right? Well, grab your hot cocoa and gingersnaps and let me tell you all about it.

Marisa Tomei, David Ortiz, and Jennifer Esposito were the guests and they were all pretty nice, somewhat humorous. I just want to squeeze David Ortiz, he looks like he needs it. Also Jennifer talks way too much with her hands - like hey! look at my hands! they're flying around! If I were in a table tennis match where we couldn't use paddles, I would totally want her on my team. Kelly Ripa is T.I.N.Y. I can't stress this enough, people. I think I could sneeze her to Nova Scotia. During one intermission, someone asked her where she got her shirt and she is so cute, she said, "Actually I got it for free!". Usually, I'm really irritated when people don't listen well enough to questions to answer them correctly, but that was more interesting to me than where she got it because I'm continually amazed at how rich and famous people get stuff for free all the time, when they're really the only people who have the money to buy expensive stuff. ? Riddle me that, oh master of the interverse*.

Best part of the show: Baby Bash (I know, don't ask me) raps their new song at the end of the show, and the cutest grandma you've ever seen gets her groove on in the front row like she's been waiting decades for this song to be created thereby enabling her to express herself through dance. And the hosts notice her and call her out onto the stage to dance with them and Baby Bash (I know, see above), upon which time the grandma - Trudi - totally works the entire stage with her dance moves. I was peeing my pants off - not kidding. They played another song just so she would keep dancing. It totally made my weekend. And even though I Tivo'd the episode in case I got on camera and wanted to see how much weight the camera actually put on me, I'm totally going to replay the episode to bring Trudi to life again instead.

PS. I did get on camera for 0.7 seconds during the sign-off portion of the credits. ;) Promise, ask my dad, he Tivo'd it too.

*'Member? I'm allowed to make up words.

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