Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poo Poo Train

The fastest NYC tour of my life occurred this weekend with my brother, Noah, sister-in-law Mindi and their a-dor-a-ble children, Julie (5) and Joey (2.5). It was insane. It was crazy. It was awesome. Some of the high-highlights include: Joey absolutely freaking out every time he got to right the "Choo-choo train!" (ie the nasty black hole of a subway). He kept singing, "I'm gonna wide the choo-choo twain, I'm gonna wide the choo-choo twain, CHOO-CHOO!" Nonstop. For four days. And now, it's my favorite song too. Only sometimes, he would replace CHOO-CHOO! with POO-POO! and then die laughing like it was the funniest thing since Chevy Chase in this movie. I mean, hysterically laughing that deep belly laugh where he was almost choking. I couldn't get enough of it.

Also, the looks on both of their faces while going through the Natural History Museum was awesome. The hits were: the Dinosaurs, the Snake fossils, and of course, the Whale. I highly recommend this stop on the NYC tour with small children. Noah and Mindi were a little hesitant to take them to a boring museum, but people, trust me. This ain't no boring museum. We also ate New York City hotdogs and walked through Central Park at 81st Street, which is definitely the best entrance to CP because Belvedere's Castle is right there and so is Shakespeare Garden. Not to mention the Puppet Show. Don't even mention it. Don't. I'm warning you. Leave the Puppet Show out of this. Okay, thank you.

We did Rockefeller and Times Square - although telling two small children about the Giant! Christmas! Tree! for three full days and finally getting there only to see it not lit up is a major no-no. Don't try that at home. Julia had this look on her face that said, "Really? You're not shitting me right now? Like, this is it?" But what she really said was, "You know, my Daddy is putting up our Christmas lights as soon as we get home," which equally made Noah swell with pride and me feel like crap in one foul swoop. Well done. Keep setting them up for disappointments, Aunt Tete. Stellar job. Yikes. They loved watching the ice skaters at Rockefeller and the food at the Rock Cafe was surprisingly good, though expectedly expensive. How's that for alliteration?

I secretly forced some selfish endeavors into the weekend... Yeah, Fan Yang is so freaking cool, he will take you places you've never imagined. Although, parts of his show were slightly odd and even bordering on weirdo-nation. Anywho- the bubbles were cool. Also, kinda really wanted to go to FAO, and got to indulge my inner child there too, but I restrained myself from dancing on the giant floor piano a la Big.

All in all, very fun, very busy trip. Children were angels during all of it. Amazing. Will post pics at a later date.

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