Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Update

So this sucks. And yes, especially if you're at the game, soaking wet, watching it happen in slow motion. I just can't explain the connection to Michigan football with ordinary sports fan vocabulary terms. It's like a member of my family, who everybody loves, who works so hard all the time expecting nothing in return, who doesn't claim to be perfect, just dedicated and committed to its other members and its leaders. I'm so proud of them. I'm so proud of Lloyd Carr for an amazing career and for leaving a legacy of hard work and good ethics to his team. I'm excited for the future of the program and all the places it will go. I can't wait for the next home game: August 30, 2008. Go Blue. Bring it on.

I also possibly broke my foot on Saturday while attempting to take down the tailgating tent. See, logistically, 4 metal tent poles collected into a group totaling approximately 50 lbs should cause intense pain and death upon one's foot, should said group land squarely on one of the feet falling unobstructed from a height of 6-7 feet in the air* (see attached photo). Breaky footy no funny.

Caution: corny story ahead.
On my outbound flight to D-Troit Rock City, I shared the plane with a family of three: a Mom, her 4 year old daughter, and a 3 month old son. I felt for the mom who was attempting to carry two children, a stroller, a car seat, four suitcases and a hoard of baby elephants onto the plane in a timely fashion. Several people pitched in to lighten the load a bit and finally we were all settled and ready to take off. The children were adorable and no one heard a peep from them the whole flight. I totally forgot about this little threesome until my return flight to NY Cizzle, when I saw them approaching the gate to board on my plane again. I had to hand it to mom at this point, she was rocking it with all of the luggage and two small children again. Fearless.

However, the 4 year old had decided she no longer was on board with this weekend trip idea and she began voicing her opinion before we even boarded the plane. Once on the plane she flat out refused to buckle her seatbelt and the flight attendant did her best for about 15 minutes until finally it was accomplished. Intermittent wailing and crying ensued for the next 45 minutes or so, until we finally left the ground and I believed the little one to be asleep.

The entire flight we didn't hear a peep out of her and just as we were "beginning our final descent" the plane made some very sharp, very scary tips and turns. Mom had held out long enough when finally she yelled out, "Jes**!" In turn waking up the 4 year old who started singing at the top of her lungs, "OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM, E-I-E-I-O! AND ON HIS FARM HE HAD A DUCK, E-I-E-I-O! WITH A QUACK...." (You get the idea.) She continued her reprisal of the Farmer MacDonald until we'd touched down, through about 4 or 5 different domestic farm animal verses. Everyone around me was laughing to themselves at this point. Then the flight attendant got back on her little speaker thing and made the "Welcome to New York, its 6:15 local time" spiel and after she signed off, she got back on the speaker to say, "E-I-E-I-O." I peed a little.

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