Monday, November 12, 2007

Tis the Season to be Merry

Alright, let it be noted: It is November 12th and I am thoroughly and appallingly grossed out of my mind by Holiday Gift Buying Advertising. I mean, come on.

Best Buy, you can suck it. Your customer service is a j.o.k.e. I've seen roadkill more helpful in solving problems than your staff. Your prices are higher than my 6th grade math teacher's pants. And nobody buys people gifts from Best Buy, they buy them gift cards, so spare me the blue wrapping paper/yellow ribboned boxes on every God-fer-loving commercial. Puke.

LL Bean, what's the story? Commercials were never your thing. Stick to catalogs and improving your website. You're better than that. You shouldn't lower your standards because all the other overpriced outdoor clothing lines are. Let's keep it real. Now go play with your Black Labs and Golden Retrievers, they need the exercise.

K mart, honey, no one is buying what you're selling on TV these days. The last time Martha was in a K mart was when they took a prison field trip and she was only going in to get a Mr. Slushie.

Macy's, don't even get me started. You're the worst of the bunch. You've robbed us of our childhoods and a Thanksgiving Day Parade void of advertising since the beginning of time. You practically killed Santa. I can't even say your name anymore without my husband crawling into the fetal position and crying like a baby.

Am I right or am I right? Who else is vomiting consumerism that is being shoved down our throats at the expense of good-hearted holiday celebrating? I just don't know what to expect of entertainment television any more. {sigh}

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