Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Snifffff, Ah That's Much Better

So those 2 people who regularly read this site may notice that I've made a few changes to my template today. What do you think of the new design? I was feeling a little verklempt with my old choices and the glory of blogspot is you can change them any old time you want. Glory! Can I get an Amen? Not both of you at once, it gets loud in here. Thank you.

Now that winter has again returned to the Northeast, my office is now registering a temperature somewhere between "Lava" and "Broiler Room". Which doesn't do a whole lot for my attitude problem. There's a meeting this morning?! You mean now?! Like, you want me to actually walk down the hall for it?! You must be out of your mind, man!

Working on that one.

Oh, did I tell you we saw the Black Crowes in concert last week? It was a pretty amazing show actually. I really enjoy on a cosmic level the song Soul Singing.

Home bound
Tired of tired of running town to town
Tired of my heart
turned upside down
Now my lifes a smile not a frown
The sound

The incredible thing about it live is the new voice the song takes on. Maybe its that Chris Robinson is in a different place in his life right now. Or that the band altogether has moved into a new phase of their creative genius. Whatever it was, it was thrilling to watch and hear. Glad we made the trip up to BFE 175th Street to see it.

Oh crap, the meeting.

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