Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Issue 2 of my Whacked Out Dream sequence.
A few nights ago, I awoke in the middle of this scene of my dream:

I am in the office of one, John Stamos, and am finding myself quite embarrassed to have to "go #2" while he is working at his desk. No, not just have to "go #2", I'm "going #2", in a lavatory directly next to his desk. And to top out your weirdness factor, he's upset with me, not because I'm "going #2" next to his desk, but because I cannot "go #2" quickly enough for his liking.

WTF brain?

If this is a downward progression from Kate Hudson to this, I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. And you should be too.

PS. If you see John, tell him he's a weird f$#%.

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