Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Great Bambino/a

Oh, where to begin, where to begin, where to begin. How aboutttttttttttttttttt here: We're havin' a baby, ya'll. Yes, this is the exciting news of the hour and the past 2,016 hours actually. What do you want to know? I'll tell it to you.

Moderator: Were you planning this?
T-money: Yes.
Moderator: How far along are you?
T-moolah: About 12 weeks, give or take.
Moderator: Are you going to find out the gender?
T-mizzle: Yes, around 18-20 weeks.
Moderator: Are you leaving New York for the green, green, green,
cheap pastures of the Midwest?
T-sizz: Not right at the moment, but the thought has crossed our
minds once or a thousand times.
Moderator: Are your families excited?
T-biz: Yes, freaking out excited. And my sister in law is prego
as well, just two weeks behind me. So there are babies amongst us!
Moderator: Have you been sick to your stomach nauseous and wanting to
puke your guts out 24/7?
T-whack: Yes and yes. Though it is mostly over now, the first
10 weeks were ru-u-uff. Glad that's over. Hail Mary.
Moderator: Have you experienced weird cravings?
T-skiz: Yes, here they are in chronological order: Chicken wings
(though the thought of them now makes me want to vom-town), potato chips (plain,
lays), hard boiled eggs with kosher salt and pepper, and currently: Ramen cup o'
soup noodles (in chicken, not shrimp. Shrimp was a bad choice.)
Moderator: Anything else?
T-fly: No, not right now. But thank you for the interview and
the hot chocolate and Pepperidge Farm cookie assortment.

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Aunt Meg said...

You are too funny! Keep blogging about your pregnancy, I love it!- Mega