Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I snowboard.

I've just discovered that I love snowboarding.
I'm not sure why I'm bragging about the enjoyment I experienced while falling down a mountain about a dozen times or more over the weekend, as I'm pretty sure it might boarder closely on psychosis.
For a recap: There is the strong possibility that my entire spine is littered with stress fractures waiting to break at any moment. I can no longer feel my butt as a part of the rest of my body. I cannot make fists with either hand, or turn my head side to side.
Thanks to the lovely folks at Sunday River, ME - Eben and Casey, for their assistance with my partial paralysis. Mission Accomplished!
But even after my legs were so tired I couldn't even stand, and my brain had systematically shut off my pain receptors, I still enjoyed it. So haha (!) Lower Lazy River Trail. Maybe I did fall off the chair lift every single time except two, so what? I came back for more, didn't I?
I also got in a rider vs skier who-is-tougher fight with my husb after my first day ever on a board, so I'm pretty sure that and the list of physical ailments qualify me for initiation into the club.

FYI 1: I realized that wearing all the appropriate gear while snowboarding for the first time works to your disadvantage. All that I accomplished was leading others to the painful misconception that I knew what I was doing. No, lord, no. That's probably the last thing that went through those two skiers minds before my board hit them full force in the face...

FYI 2: Skiing sucks.

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