Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Like working in a Full Blown Sauna

Let me tell you about the heat in my work space. It's unnatural. 365 days a year it is skin blistering, perspiration gathering, all-around wretchedly HOT in my tiny little office. It may be 7 degrees outside, as it is right now, but have no fear, it is close to 80,000 degrees in here. My office may be single-handedly contributing to the green house gases of the global warming disaster. And I can't do anything about it! The gnomes that live in the aquaducts of this building have disabled my thermostat to see at what temperatures humans actually begin to boil. So, if you were ever curious about that question too, I will gladly blog you my boiling temperature as soon as that happens, which will not be too long now... I can feel something tingly...

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