Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Mean Seriously With Her Circus Costumes?

My weird dreaming habits have returned in full force this week starting with the marathon dream of my return to high school as a 28 year old adult only to find I was elected to homecoming court but did not arrive to school with my ballgown on so my elected male counterpart - who coincidentally was my 4th grade boyfriend - was very upset with me. I scrambled around trying to make it right when finally I had my "aha!" moment and decided I would fix all of these snooty high school kids - I'd wear my wedding dress. Beat that Miss 4-time Homecoming Queen. Luckily, I woke up as I was leaving the parking lot to go home and get my dress out of storage - could have quickly become a nightmare.

Second weird dream of the week involved me accidentally giving birth to a baby that I didn't know I was pregnant with. Nothing like a little newborn popping out of your vijay-jay to say, "Hey you, pay attention!". Slightly horrifying but even more so to the mother of a 7 month old.

Sadly, I am at a loss for celebrities in my dreams this week. I guess my internal "In Touch Weekly" has gone on hiatus due to economic downtimes. Perhaps it will return now that Brit-Brit's back on tour. We can only hope.

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