Friday, June 8, 2007

SnapKodakPhoto Entry

I always love looking at pictures. Do you to?

This is Becky and Eric's wedding on May 26th. Look how wonderful and happy they look! The day was beautiful and everything went as planned after I shot the mother of the bride for telling Becky, minutes before she walked down the isle, that the florist FORGOT THE NOSEGAYS ON THE PINK TABLES. Are you kidding me?

This is my future-sister-in-law, Heidi's bachelorette party. We had so much fun, even if the band at this bar was totally Debbie Downer. I'm sorry, did you say Depressing Mopey Ballad Night? I think we'll pass. I believe, in all honesty and modesty (can you do that? honesty and modesty?), we were by far the craziest people out that night in the whole entire state of Ohio, in all it's wonderful nightlife splendor.

And here we have the April Girl's Trip to NYC and apparently my sister decided this man wanted her to dance with him on the sidewalk in front of the karaoke bar at 2am. I let her have her fun because: A. she had five babies at one time, and B. she was extremely heartbroken to find out the karaoke bar was closed for renovations when we got there and she wouldn't be able to sing The Gambler to her heart's content. Luckily, we have wedding videos from relatives, friends, acquaintances, some strangers too, dating back years and years of her singing The Gambler for all of the guests as if she were paid entertainment and not That Girl who everybody talks about the next day. Congratulations New York, you have met That Girl.

She passed out about an hour later, nakey, in my bed while the rest of us were outside recanting our middle school and high school drama fests circa 1993-1999 (because yes, I still have the same friends I've had since KINDERGARTEN) until 5 o'clock in the freaking morning. Oh the good life.

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