Friday, June 8, 2007

Forgive My Careless Disregard for Blog Designing

Internet, I don't know how to post my posts in the order I want them to be read. Also, while we're talking about it, I don't want posts I'm working on for a long time to date back to the day I started them when I finally publish them three months later. Work on these improvements on your own, Internet, and when I log back in tomorrow make sure they're fixed. This is how I solve problems, highlight them and then wait for them to fix themselves. Amen.

In other news, my writing goes in blips and blurbs and then a massive 234-ton Daddy Long Legs Monster Truck arrives with the rest of my ideas. Enter Daddy Long Legs. DLL would first like to talk about Weight Watchers. I've been on it for oh about 3-4 weeks minus weekends. Because you can do that when you're planning your own diet, decide to subtract the three most unhealthy eating days of anyone's adult life out of every week to do with what you want. And I say to myself, Self, do you have any idea why this little diet of ours isn't working? And Self says, no! But isn't it frustrating?! Then Self and I go get a 12 pack and 14 boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes to tide us over before the pizzas arrive. But, just like my mom used to tell me at Christmas time, "It's better than nothin".

Miscellaneous news item 2: I was out till 4:30 am this morning. Good, scratch, Great times were experienced to their little hearts delight and I consider these times some of the best therapy money can buy. And! It wasn't even my money! I managed to go out in New York City without spending a dime, and by dime I mean I only spent about 40 bucks. And the night was complete with TONS of amazing Greek food, some alcohol, not-so-fantastic Diner food, some more alcohol, and some more alcohol. All for the insanely small price of quaranta dollari. Now that's cheap therapy.

Realization number 32 that I had last night: I have some of the most amazing friends in the world, I think. Friends who send you personalized Christmas cards EVERY YEAR with collages of pics of you and your friends on them. Friends who know you don't know a single soul in a new city and take you everywhere with them to help you feel at home. Friends who call you in January to schedule their vacation time around yours for the whole year. Friends who know without asking to get you VIP seats to Shakespeare in the Park, amazing not because they're VIP and free, well that is amazing, but not only because of that. Because they're just as dorky as you are and love nothing more than green grass and verbose, exaggerated drama (is there any other kind?). And even friends who tell you you're smoking crack when you tell them you're dieting. Those are some great people, people. So I count myself insanely blessed and lucky to have all of these people in my life. Yeah Friends*!

*Also they come in handy when you're broke.

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