Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thoughts On Vacating The Premises

I'm wondering if it's a lack of motivation or lack of efficient communication that is keeping the bambino firmly ensconced in the uterus currently. In either case, I have been conducting a 24 hour mental pep rally as well as frequent and routine rigorous exercises to convince him to join us on the outside. However, he's very firm in his resolve to ignore me. I admire his fortitude, I just do not appreciate it's consequences any longer. I may turn to eggplant shortly.

During the past 9 months I knew all along the day would come that I would labor and deliver this baby, but it's funny how your brain can blatantly ignore an obvious truth until it's splattered its white and grey matter all over the proverbial brick wall unto which it was ignoring. This is somewhat what I am feeling as of late. I know it's coming, I need it to happen, I am excited and ready for it, but I am not able to comprehend it actually happening. Weird, right?

Also, all that luscious, beautiful, plentiful, deep green grass over there? On the other side of the fence? It looks AMAZING right about now. And this grass over here? Under my swollen, hot, uncomfortable, sore feet? This grass sucks major buttocks. Every fiber of my being is focused on that other grass and I know, I'm admitting it right now, that once over there I will realize it is not grass, but a mirage of quicksand ready to snap G's and my and Hunter's heads off at the first opportunity. And I STILL want the damn grass. Change is good. Change is necessary. Change better happen soon or my hips and pelvis are going to take the first road to Hyannisport and not look back.

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Jess said...

best of luck! haha =) been thinking about you lately and wondering when the little one was going to join us in the "outside world" can't wait to see pics of him!