Friday, July 11, 2008

GPS or Going Postal Soon

For the sake of my marriage I have decided to invest in a navigational system for the new car. This piece of information was shared with us quite some time ago, and in the interest of being cheap, we forewent purchasing one at that time. Now as our couple's communication hangs in the balance, by a very fine spiderweb-thin thread, I feel it is time to take the plunge.

Unfortunately, we have a semi-large road trip coming up tomorrow for which we will probably not be able to secure the GPS system and this makes mama kind of nervous. Wish us the best luck ever, which never happens when we're on a roadtrip, fyi. And hopefully we will return to New York a functional twosome, wherein both of us is breathing and capable of independent thought.

I'm looking so forward to this weekend of reunionizing with great people that I can slightly overlook the impending doom of the trip up to Mystic, CT. Some peeps we see all the time, some we haven't seen in months, and some not in several years. The magnitude of funness measured in decibels is deafening and we could use a little "vacation from our problems" (What About Bob-style). Not that we have problems, we have no problems. Just don't tell me HOW OR WHERE TO DRIVE ONE MORE TIME WOMAN*. Like that kind of 'no problems'.

*Sidebar: Lately his driving resembles more realistically "Grand Theft Auto" than "Reality". God's honest truth.

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