Friday, June 20, 2008

Sneak Attack

So today I like New York. My work colleagues surprised the bejesus out of me yesterday with a baby shower in our conference room. Complete with plastic table cloths, baby-esque confetti, pot luck salads, and 14 kinds of dessert. I could not believe that people actually know my name, let alone would contribute their flour and 2 liter pop, chocolate chips and salad forks, time and money to celebrate the impending due date of this gigantic basketball who will soon join the Laugh More family. People are so terrific. Today people are terrific. Two days ago people were seriously going to get their asses beat when they cut me off at the toll booth on the way to work. But today is different.

We played that scary game where people try to guess how big your waist size is by cutting a piece of string that would signify your belt size. Yeah, I was looking around the room and I kid you not at least 10 people had string 4 feet long or more. 4 feet? For reals? I was about to get all ghetto in their faces before I remembered it was a baby shower. I managed to contain myself until I got home and was all, "Oh yeah? Mrs. 4-Feet-Ribbon? Let me measure your waist size missy. Now who's laughing? Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought". Jigga. (Not sure what that means).

I was so stuffed full of food by the end that I actually refused to take food home (a first). But now I'm kinda missing those extra turkey sandwiches that might still be in the breakroom frig...

Otherwise, everything's trucking along. Our next few weekends are full of parties, get togethers, childbirth classes, visitors, etc. And I feel like 4 weeks is going to be gone before I know it. It seriously takes some effort to not freak out about getting everything done now-a-days, but I'm doing my best to be in complete denial. Denial is a powerful, powerful drug, my friends. Have some. Every OB should write prescriptions for Denial to all of their newly pregnant patients. Stressed out? Pop a few Denial. Over your weight limit? Take a Denial! Husband chattering away about wanting to go to Tokyo 3 weeks before your due date? DECAPITATE HIM, then down some Denial.

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