Friday, September 21, 2007

Hail to the Victors

First Michigan Football game of the season in tomorrow = Yahoo! I love the fall for lots of reasons:
a. I was born in October.

b. I love college football.

c. Halloween is flipping amazing and thanks to my college roommate Kara, I absolutely love decorating the apartment like a jack-o-lantern exploded it's holiday cheer all over everything.

d. I'm no longer sweating my balls off.

e. My down vest is the single most favorite item in my closet. And yes, she has emerged from her summer hiding vacuum-packed zip-lock bag (Don't tell me you don't LOVE those things).

f. Apple cider and pumpkin pie, cinnamon candles and cozy blankets.

Yes, if I could wrap up Fall in shiny paper, tie a bow on it, and give it to all the nasty, grumpy people of New York, I could possibly run for Mayor. OF AMAZINGNESSTOWN.

Hopping a jet plane to Detroit Rock City today after work to meet up with Hutch and Spy and take off for Ann Arbor - I can't stand myself, I'm so excited. I'm taking: my camera, presents, my Michigan jersey, and my tenacity baby, yeah that's right. I'm sure I'll bring back: dirty clothes, tons of inappropriate pictures of my husband and my friends, a hangover, and someone's left shoe. (Hopefully.)

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