Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yesterday, was my 2nd Anniversary to Mr. G. So in addition to the Snapfish Calendar of pictures I made him (that he won't take to work because he was not exactly sober in some of the pics), I will dedicate this post to him.

Dr. Mr. G,
Thank you for making me laugh so often I have now have abs of steel.
Thank you for forgiving my stupidity and praising me for my insanity.
Thank you for taking the dog out at night when my feet hurt too bad to take the steps one more time.
Thank you for loving my cooking, case in point: the cold broccoli salad (disgusting).
Thank you for carrying the bag of laundry down and never asking me to do it.
Thank you for understanding my incredibly whacked out hormone cycle.
Thank you for telling me about a hundred times a day that you love and respect me.
Thank you for being you, you are the Wonton's in my soup.

I can't wait:
---for our next CSI SVU episode.
---for our next road trip, complete with singing and car dancing.
---to make you dinner again.
---to get your phone call at work, in the middle of a crazy stressful day.
---to decorate for Christmas with you.
---to be married to such a wonderful man for a whole 'nother year.


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