Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mickey and Minnie No Longer Cutie

Today is a great day. (Cue patriotic music). It is a day that changed history. It is a day people will talk about for weeks to come. I present October 18th, My Birthday. Wow 28 seems altogether too old. And in honor of this sacred day, yesterday I received two birthday cards, three presents and was completely happy. Until this morning...

When I received two mouse poop turds. Definitely not on my list. Nor did I circle them in the Sears Christmas Catalog.

Really? For real? Seriously? Just checking.

Because I'm pretty sure the last four days have been chock full of cleaning up mouse poop, canvassing every hardware store within a 16 mile radius for mouse traps, displaying said mouse traps all around the kitchen, plugging every hole I can find with steel wool (thank you Caitlin) and lying in wait for the creature to dare a move out in the open. I finally broke down and told our super even though he probably can't stand me b/c I'm on the phone with him every day about something or other*, and he came up to put a couple more traps out. So basically you cannot walk into, around, or through our kitchen without losing a toe or five to one of these traps. And yet...

Two mouse poop turd morning. Happy Birthday self!

*Did I tell you the joke about our heat, or lack there of, and the missing boiler debacle of 2008. No? Oh, it's a doosy. Methinks thou dost protesteth a whole shit ton about the missing boiler parts, Sir. Senior. Sensei.
**Besides, there are two poor souls who depend greatly on my ability to put food on the table, or in the boob, and heat in our house. I will not let them down.-Off to seek the Turd de Mouse.

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