Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear Rude Child Haters at all NYC Restaurants

Shove it. If I want to take my beautiful, smart, hilarious baby out to dinner with me I will do so whenever the hizzy I want and I don't give a rat's ass if that makes you uncomfortable in some way. It's probably because you're cold and heartless and eat small children for breakfast a la Grinch, or your panties are so far up your a-hole you can taste them. Either way, I'm not concerned for your health and happiness or freedom of religion.

That being said, the next time someone shoots me a dirty "get that stinking, breastmilk eating, poopy butted baby out of here" look I'm totally going Chuck Norris on their face until they resemble more a roadkilled opossum and less a human being while they beg for mercy out of their pointy little snout. Yeah, I'm talking to you Annoying German Guy with your rat-faced, mangey dogs pissing all over the sidewalk tables we're eating at. And yes this is possibly a hormone fueled rant but isn't it nice? And food for thought, if Senor Norris had these hormones on his side, he'd kick everyone's asses a WHOLE LOT FASTER.

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