Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Impressions of The Ugly Duckling

Can I draw attention to something very disturbing that really has my granny panties in bunches all over this piece?

Have you read a children's short story lately? If so, did it make you uneasy and downright fearful for tomorrow's youth? Yes?! Then we're on the same page.

Specifically page 15 of Lucy Kincaid's "Now YOU can read... The Ugly Duckling" and I quote, "He flew down to the pond and settled on the water. He called to the swans. 'Please come and kill me. I am so ugly, and I am so lonely I do not want to live' ".


I'm sorry wha?

IS THIS AS INSPIRATIONAL AS YOU CAN BE, LUCY? For real? Oh hell no. I actually got to this page and said, "The End, Griffin!" Poor kid has no closure. And that's what he's going to pay some therapist thousands of dollars to tell him when he's 30 and hates his mother.

And that's why Reading Rainbow is Satan's spawn.

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