Thursday, March 8, 2007


"Repugnance is the emotional expression of deep wisdom." L. Kass

I haven't decided if I'm referring to myself as wise or repug'd. I think because I have repugnance for certain issues, then I have some semblance of wisdom. I have repugnance for bad smells. Some people love bad smells, like my friend Leslie, she seeks out foul smelling odiforousness. Do not get it. Sometimes I even see something from far away that I think might smell bad, and I have to hold my breath the entire way to the object until I pass it or pass out. I just sprayed my air freshener, I kid you not, just because we're talking about smelly things, or rather I'm typing and you're reading.

But let's get back on topic, shall we? I think what Mr. Kass is trying to tease out here is that we shouldn't punish ourselves for feeling extremely strongly about something. It kills me when people want to stay in the lines all the time with their emotions and thoughts, and especially their ideas and beliefs regarding large ethical issues and problems. Be active! Be reactive! Color outside the lines, because you only live once (unless you're Tom Cruise and then you might have all the lives of everyone ever born in the future, ever) and you don't get a second chance to say something important at the right time. I think the most prolific lives have been of those willing to lay it all out there and defend their rationale. I love to read in general, but I truly love to read people's stories about how their feelings have shaped them. It's funny how your life can change by sheer emotion.

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